You can never have too many

This is the way to throw a perfect Christmas party. Elin Sugarmama shows you how to wear December’s hottest accessories. Photography and styling by Hanna Kisch, click for details.


Skull ring by Rika, white gloves by Imoni, necklace by Viveka Bergström, earring by Viveka Bergström, gold snake ring by Bjorg jewellery and big silver ring by Bjorg jewellery.


Earrings by Viveka Bergström, necklace by Bjorg Jewellery, long silver ring stylist’s own, white plastic ring by Cooee, big silver ring by Bjorg Jewellery, simple silver ring by Cooee and gloves by Imoni.


Necklace by Viveka Bergström.


Necklace by Cornelia, glasses by Odd Molly, gloves by Imoni, big silver ring by bjorg jewellery, skull ring by Rika, ring in silver, bronze and gold by Bjorg Jewellery, bangels by Cornelia and earrings by Viveka Bergström.


Earrings by Viveka Bergström. Photography and styling by Hanna Kisch, hair by Daniel Damberg, modelling by Elin Sugarmama.