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  • One of a kind:

    One of a kind:

    I’ll be your mirror. Photography by Andreas Sj√∂din, beauty by Anya de Tobon and fashion by Naomi Itkes.

  • Out Now! The Second Print Issue of Contributor is here

    Out Now! The Second Print Issue of Contributor is here

    Happiness ahead. The new print issue from Contributor is here. So what is the best way to describe why the magazine looks the way it does? One of our starting points was the sect: individuals that form a group and the mentality that holds the group together. A kind of coming together under the same umbrella, like the people who gathered around Warhol, Gertrude Stein or Jesus and his disciples. You put a person, a religion or an ideology on a pedestal. A luminous leader who manages to convince everyone to commit mass suicide in order to be able to get on a spaceship with an unknown destination, since the universe is expanding and the apocalypse is near. Fashion is as much an armor, as a disguise or an expression. It offers support and shelter to both bodies and identities, much like a persona around a famous person, a sect leader or a religious figure.