Tag: Tiffani Chynel

  • Out Now! The Latest Issue of Contributor is here

    Inside Contributor’s Box of Reflections, you’ll find a collection of eighty prints in three different sizes and one poster. Also available is a limited edition of twenty copies of the box, each including one signed and numbered print from our two cover stories. Signed by the photographer Magnus Magnusson, the C-prints come in the size 30 x 20 cm. Contributor’s Box of Reflections is a true collector’s item.

  • Juno Temple. Cover Story and Interview

    She’s garnered a reputation playing characters who are free spirited and sensual, her résumé stocked with pleasure-seekers and rebels. In her new film Wonder Wheel, Juno Temple gives one of the year’s most captivating performances, proving why the actress’ star is continually on the rise. Interview by Max Berlinger. Juno Temple is photographed by Magnus Magnusson. Fashion by Tiffani Chynel

  • Cover Up, the New Issue of Contributor Out Now

    For this print issue of Contributor, we continue to package the magazine in a box. The inside showcases prints in four different sizes, two posters and a limited edition that includes one signed and numbered C-print from our cover story with exceptionally talented Juno Temple. Throughout the issue, our contributors take a look at fashion as a cover-up. Available online and in selected stores worldwide.